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Продажа натуральных славянских волос по оптовым ценам в розницу, Украина, Днепропетровск


This is the largest selling kind of hair! It is different from the VIP- and Elite-Hair, because it is single-drawn. However, this kind and bulks do not contain fallen hair!

It should be emphasized that our hair is non-processed in any ways, without chemical treatment and it saved its natural appearance and condition!

This hair can be adapted to the hair of higher category but it still has the lowest price - this is the advantage of this type.

This hair is the most economic advantageous and affordable kind and it is the most popular and needed product in the World Market.

If you have specialists or you can adapted this hair yourself (i.e. to examined hairs for right direction in bulks, to draw it out) – THIS KIND OF HAIR IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED!!!


t.+38(096) 781-8285 (free Calls VIBER)

Price hair


1 kg

Blond Slavic hair /Real Ukraine, Russia, Belarus/

1 500 - 3 800$

Blond South Russian hair

1 000 -  1 100 $



Price South Russian hair

Length, cm

50-55 55-65 65-75 75-85 85-190

Cost for 1 kg







Prices Uzbek hair / origin of Uzbekistan /

Length, cm


Cost for 1 kg



Prices for Eastern hair / origin south Russia /

Length, cm


Cost for 1 kg

900-1 100$




Украинские славянские волосы

Блондированные славянские волосы

Южнорусские волосы

Китайские волосы

Узбекские волосы





About us  |   Hair Sale / Our Prices  |   Hair wigs, hair extensions, pre-bonded hair  |  Materials & Tools for extension |  Make order |  Contacts

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